000 - General Works | Dewey Decimal System

In the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, the 000 class covers General Works. This class includes general reference materials, encyclopedias, libraries, journalism, and computer science. Here's a breakdown of the main categories within the 000 class:

000 - General works, Computer science, and Information
This category includes general reference works, encyclopedias, and world records.

010 - Bibliographies
This section covers works on bibliography, including lists of books and other materials on specific subjects.

020 - Library and information sciences
This category includes books on library science, library management, and cataloging.

030 - Encyclopedias and books of facts
This section covers general encyclopedias and other reference works that provide facts and information across various subjects.

040 - Not assigned or no longer used

050 - Magazines, journals, and serials
This category includes works on periodicals and their management.

060 - Associations, organizations, and museums
This section covers works on the management of associations, organizations, and museums.

070 - News media, journalism, and publishing
This category includes books on journalism, news media, publishing, and related topics.

080 - Quotations
This section covers collections of quotations and related reference materials.

090 - Manuscripts and rare books
This category includes works on manuscript collections, rare books, and book rarities.

These categories can be further divided into more specific topics by adding additional decimal numbers. Note that some numbers within the 000 class are not assigned or no longer used.